“The Snap-Tite system allowed our crews to safely restore 13 culvert locations on SR 31 without having to close the road or detour traffic. It was very important that the product and installation method be both cost-effective and deliver a permanent solution. Snap-Tite was able to provide the NMDOT with both,” said Richard Villescas, NMDOT area maintenance supervisor for District Two.

“The Snap-Tite team traveled to Carlsbad and worked with our crew at the start of the project. With the provided training, we were able to complete the rehabilitation project with our own forces. There was no special equipment required,” Villescas added. “When compared to a traditional dig and replace, Snap-Tite was about one-third of the cost and also saved us a great deal of time and effort. We will definitely use this system on future culvert projects.”

Carlsbad, NM

“The product (Snap-Tite®) went together as advertised,” said Kansas – Douglas County Highway Department Manager Mike Perkins. “In less than one hour we had the pipe liner installed in the existing tube and began to build the bulk head. By 12:30 p.m. we began to fill the voids around the pipe and the installation was completed by the end of the work day. We are extremely pleased with the way the installation went.”

Douglas, KS

“We were impressed with the service provided by and experience of the Snap-Tite culvert lining group,” said Brian Music, water distribution supervisor for the City of Prestonsburg, KY. “It was the Army Corps of Engineers who recommended Snap-Tite to us, so we knew we would be working with a group who had experience in this field.”

Music added, “The Snap-Tite group was there from start to finish on this project. Since we were unfamiliar with lining a culvert, and this being our first lining project, it was essential that we worked with someone who could be there throughout the whole process and provide not only materials, but also support.”

Prestonsburg, KY

“Culvert liners are the easy way to go, easier than dig and replace,” said Joel Waters, the support services manager for roads and grounds at the Space Center and managing supervisor with Yang Enterprises. “NASA wants us to be proactive and a culvert liner is a proactive operation.”

Orlando, FL

“Six months ago, we were fortunate to run across Snap-Tite’s® approach to renovating CMP culverts. We were faced with repairing approximately 160 linear feet of 84-inch CMP culvert that could not be taken out of service for replacement,” said Peter E. Gray, P.E., engineer with Searles Valley Minerals. “The Snap-Tite® approach made the repair painless.”

Trona, CA

“I was amazed with the strength and durability of the Snap-Tite® liner, yet it was flexible enough to conform to the shape of the deflected host pipe,” said Matt Dugas, maintenance engineer for the District Seven DOT in Mississippi. “We field-cut a bullet-nose with relative ease, and the 63 inch liner slid right through a problem joint with only 59 inches of clearance. The joints are solid, with absolutely no infiltration, and the ease with which they snapped together was unexpected.”

White Oak, MS