Highway departments can use their own crew – no special training is necessary. Using only shovels, a backhoe, and come-along chains, a team of four men can easily rehabilitate a culvert. Buy the Snap-Tite Culvert Lining System today, keep it in your yard until bad weather causes some down time for your people and install it that day. What would be wasted payroll time becomes a protective, money-saving project.


Snap-Tite is so easy to install that most jobs can be completed with a backhoe, shovels, a come-along and chains.


The diagram in the right margin illustrates the design attributes and numbering system of Snap-Tite.

For detailed information on Snap-Tite Installation, please view our installation manual: Download

Nosecone Design

Side View L = about 12″ to 16″Dn = about ¾ Dia. of pipe
Example: 24″ pipe, Dn = 18″ 36″ pipe, Dn = 27″ 42″ pipe, Dn = 32″

End View Make 8 Dove Tails
Drill hole – ½ +/- about 1″ from point of Dove Tail.Draw pieces toward each other by connecting wire to opposite holes and twisting the wire to tighten.All dimensions can be varied to suit specific conditions

Installation Videos

Prepared by the Utah DOT; a training video outlining the processes for using Snap-Tite® to reline a failing CMP culvert

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