Yuma District, AZ — DOT uses Snap-Tite for Culvert Rehabilitation

Arizona Department of Transportation Uses Snap-Tite for Culvert Rehabilitation

Snap-Tite strives to help engineers, contractors and other customers choose the best solution for their project. All information in this field report is made available to assist the customer in reducing cost and minimizing future maintenance costs. In addition, this field report will help the task of communicating that these are solutions in use today with a proven track record of installation and performance.

The Yuma District of the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) encompasses a large area of Arizona. It is bordered by California on the west and Mexico to the south. The district maintains over 3,000 total miles of highway and interstate. State plans to widen several highways led ADOT to consider the Snap-Tite joining system as a pilot project to rehabilitate three culverts in evaluation of the procedure.

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