Valdosta, GA — Busy road gets Snap-Tite culvert rehab

The City of Valdosta Chooses Snap-Tite for No-Dig Solution

The Problem
A failing 42-inch corrugated metal pipe (CMP) on Lake Laurie Road in Valdosta, Georgia was on the brink of collapse. The CMP was past its design life and soil around the road shoulder had started to loosen and wash away and erode. The road was the only way into a school, with buses passing over it daily, so digging and replacing was not an option and safety was of the utmost concern.
The Solution
Snap-Tite® representatives Bruce Larson and Matthew Goodwin of Inman and Associates worked with the city of Valdosta to determine the best solution to repair the culvert without disrupting traffic flow on the road of buses leading to the school. Larson suggested the use of 36-inch high-density polyethylene (HDPE) SnapTite® pipe liner to reline the culvert, thus eliminating any need to dig up the road. The no-dig HDPE Snap-Tite® culvert-lining pipe, which has a patented male/female machining at each end of the HDPE, is ‘snapped’ together, piece-by-piece, and pushed into the full length of an existing pipe. Any annular space and voids between the old culvert and new liner are filled in with grout.

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