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  • Yakutat, AK — Rehabilitation of Culvert Under Runway

    Snap-Tite® Lines Oval Culvert under Remote Alaskan Airport Taxiway, Flights Resume as Scheduled Background The city of Yakutat is situated in a remote southeast region of Alaska, along the Gulf of Alaska. Its name means “the place where canoes rest.” The isolated location is accessible only by air, boat or barge and has limited services available. The city has an airport – Yakutat Airport; and because of the area’s remoteness, the airport is vital to the transport of goods and... View Article

  • Ontario, Canada — Canadian MTO taps Snap-Tite for oval culvert rehab

    Oval Culverts Rehabilitated with Culvert Lining Solution The Problem Under roads and highways, many corrugated steel pipe (CSP) and concrete culverts are reaching the end of their useful design service life. Installed more than 25 years ago, these CSP’s are so significantly rusted that a danger of sink holes, road collapse or flooding exists. A culvert is a conduit designed to collect water from one area, the inlet, and discharge it out the other end, the outlet. A culvert is... View Article

  • McAlester, OK — Traffic Flows During Culvert Rehabilitation

    Snap-Tite Pipe Relines Culvert in Oklahoma, Keeps Residential Street Traffic Moving During Installation Corrugated metal pipe (CMP) culverts are failing at an alarming rate throughout the U.S. These culverts were installed 40 to 50 years ago and have exceeded their design life. The City of McAlester, Oklahoma needed to fix a rusted and oval (49 inches by 33 inches) CMP culvert that was also partially missing its bottom. This CMP was located on a residential street, which was the only... View Article

  • LaPorte District, IN — INDOT Saves $1 Million Plus on Reline

    INDOT Relines 13 Culverts With Snap-Tite® Pipe, Saves More Than $1 Million Using Own Crew The Problem Interstates I-65 and I-94 in Northern Indiana are some of the busiest and most traveled roads in the state. The La Porte District Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) faced a problem because 13 of the corrugated metal pipe (CMP) culverts under these roads were in bad shape. Many had deteriorated and were failing. Some were even misshaped and no longer round but oval.... View Article

  • Garner, AR — Town saves money with Snap-Tite oval pipe reline

    Oval Pipe Reline Cuts Down on Costs for Small Arkansas Town The Problem A large sink hole formed down the side of a main road in the small town of Garner, Arkansas. The four oval-shaped 30-year-old culverts serving as drainage pipes were completely rotted out, causing the sink hole. The road could have collapsed at any time. The town needed a quick cost-effective solution as it did not have the budget for an expensive dig and replace option. Plus, doing... View Article

  • Franklin, TN — Snap-Tite Replaces Failing Residential Culvert

    Residential Property Left Undisturbed with Culvert Lining Solution The Problem A corrugated metal pipe (CMP) culvert located in a residential neighborhood on Sugatree Lane in Franklin, TN, was failing. It started at a junction box in the backyard of two houses and ran between the property-lines underneath the road, and outlet into a creek. In addition, this CMP was oval, not round, measuring 68 inches by 38 inches. The City of Franklin needed to act quickly to repair the culvert... View Article