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  • Trona, CA — Railroad Culvert Flow Improved with Hyro-Bell

    Mineral Company Relines Damaged Culvert Under Railroad with Snap-Tite®, Improves Flow with Hydro-Bell The Problem Road collapse, road closures and traffic delays – these are recurring news headlines attributed to failing culverts across the U.S. Many drainage culverts were installed 40 to 50 years ago and are now past their design life. As such, they are failing at an alarming rate and causing roadway and railway damage. This affects both the public and private industry. One such culvert affected a... View Article

  • Louisville, KY — Old levee culvert relines with Snap-Tite

    Louisville Levee Culvert Relined with Snap-Tite The Problem A levee located in a park off of Cane Run Road in Louisville, Kentucky contained a deteriorated corrugated metal drainage pipe. During a video inspection, it was discovered that the 94-foot, 54-inch pipe was damaged and needed to be replaced or repaired. The Louisville Municipal Sewer District (MSD) is the sponsor of the levee, which was originally built by the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE). The USACE built many of... View Article

  • Halton Region, Ontario — Snap-Tite replaces failed corrigated steel pipe

    New Pipe Technology Helps Fish and Aquatic Life Swim Upstream The Problem In the Canadian town of Milton, Ontario in Halton Region, an existing corrugated steel pipe (CSP) culvert was damaged. The CSP was located underneath Steeles Avenue and adjacent to railway tracks, approximately four meters deep. Steeles Avenue was starting to collapse at the shoulder where the 1,070 mm CSP separated and failed. As a result, a small sink hole opened up and grew larger due to the failure.... View Article