Santa Rosa, CA — Rehabilitation of Failed Corrugated Metal Pipe Spillways

Residential Street Spared with Snap-Tite® Culvert Reline

The Problem
The City of Santee, California needed to repair two failing 72-inch corrugated metal pipe (CMP) culverts located near a homeowner’s yard. Both culverts had deteriorated and one even started to cave-in on itself, forming a large sinkhole. The sinkhole disrupted water service to approximately 30 residents and initially blocked access to the road leading into the residential cul-de sac. The sinkhole grew to 20 to 30 feet wide and four to six feet deep.
The city had been reviewing the status of its culverts because they had been installed before the city was incorporated, prior to 1981. Many needed to be updated or repaired.
For this project, the city did not want to dig up the residential street because it would further disrupt homeowner traffic. At least one lane needed to remain open for the residents to get in and out of their neighborhood.

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