Prestonsburg, KY — Large Diameter Reline Prevents Flooding

Levee Pipe Relined with Large Diameter HDPE Pipe to Prevent Flooding

The Problem
The city of Prestonsburg, Kentucky is the owner and sponsor of a levee located near Pikeville, Kentucky. The United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) branch in Huntington, West Virginia, who evaluates the condition of levees in the area, determined that a pipe running through the Prestonsburg levee was damaged and needed to be repaired. The poor condition of the 96-inch corrugated metal pipe (CMP) included several sections that were eroded or collapsing. If the pipe failed, which could happen at any moment in its current condition, the city would be flooded. A repair solution was urgent. The city of Prestonsburg was unfamiliar with repairing a levee pipe as it never needed to fix one before, so the city asked USACE for help on whom to contact. The USACE representatives suggested the city contact Ryan Harrington, Snap-Tite® representative, with whom they worked with on previous levee repair projects.

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