Orlando, FL — Space Center Relines Failing Culverts

At Kennedy Space Center, Culvert Failure is Not an Option

Situated near Orlando, Florida, NASA’s John F. Kennedy Space Center is the location where the first humans to walk on the moon were launched into space. It is part of NASA’s Constellation Program preparing for new missions back to the moon, NASA’s Launch Services Programs as well as the Space Shuttle Program.
While preparing for its final space shuttle missions, the Kennedy Space Center was also focusing on improving areas within its vicinity to help make room for change. As part of this improvement, the Space Center identified multiple culverts that needed repair. Some of these culverts were installed 40 years ago and had reached or exceeded their design life.
Yang Enterprises, a contractor at the Kennedy Space Center for the past 20 years, is in charge of maintaining and improving the roads and grounds. Therefore, the Yang Enterprises team is also in charge of repairing or replacing any existing culverts in need of maintenance. After investigating several culverts on-site, they identified seven culverts that needed immediate repair. However, as the Space Center sits adjacent to a wildlife refuge, care had to be taken not to disturb the natural life and environment during repairs.

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