Ludlow, VT — Snap-Tite rehab prevents road closure

Damaged Culvert Relined With Snap-Tite Pipe to Avoid Road Closures

Okemo Mountain is a popular ski resort located in Ludlow, Vermont. In 2009, the resort had about 600,000 visitors who came to ski. The summit of the mountain is 3,344 feet above sea level. It has 119 trails that are spread across 632 acres of skiable terrain. The longest trail is four and a half miles.
The Problem
A 66-inch corrugated metal pipe (CMP) culvert was failing under a road that was the only access to multiple housing units from the Okemo Ski Mountain resort. The pipe began to deflect and sections of the bottom missing. There were scour holes inside the pipe in excess of three feet and parts of the road developed sink holes. As a result, this private road was reduced to a single lane and there were safety concerns for the motoring public going across it. A repair had to take place quickly because the winter ski season was right around the corner and inclement weather can complicate drainage construction.
TPW Management, who manages the property, needed a way to fix the 73-foot-long culvert that would still allow them to keep the road open. In addition, TPW Management was concerned about underground utilities as well as digging deep to replace the pipe, especially since the existing pipe was on a ledge. The pipe was originally installed over a 10 percent slope, accounting for 16 feet of vertical change. The company, therefore, needed a no-dig solution.

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