Louisville, KY — Old levee culvert relines with Snap-Tite

Louisville Levee Culvert Relined with Snap-Tite

The Problem
A levee located in a park off of Cane Run Road in Louisville, Kentucky contained a deteriorated corrugated metal drainage pipe. During a video inspection, it was discovered that the 94-foot, 54-inch pipe was damaged and needed to be replaced or repaired. The Louisville Municipal Sewer District (MSD) is the sponsor of the levee, which was originally built by the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE). The USACE built many of these levees more than 40 years ago. Levee sponsors in the USACE program are required to maintain standards for levees, including drainage pipes.
In order to maintain status in the USACE levee program and its FEMA certification, MSD wanted to fully rehabilitate the pipe without affecting the structural integrity of the levee, all at a reasonable cost. Rehabilitating the pipe would protect against voids inside the levee and potential drainage issues, preventing any possible levee breach.
In addition, water was collecting in the levee’s gate house so MSD needed to increase the flow to eliminate any backup from heavy flow conditions.

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