Lafayette, IN — Rehabilitation of Failed Corrugated Metal Pipe

Tippecanoe County Culvert Rehabilitation Lafayette, IN

Our purpose is to help customers choose culvert rehabilitation solutions which will ensure that the process fits the application and do this reliably and cost effectively. All information in this field study is meant to assist the engineer to reduce cost and minimize future maintenance costs.
Tippecanoe County had a deteriorated corrugated metal culvert that had a failing invert which went underneath a busy road. The county’s objective was to replace and rehabilitate the structure while keeping the cost down and minimizing the disturbance of traffic. Total replacement was considered, but once a thorough cost comparison was conducted, proved to be too costly.

The Problem
The original culvert was an 84-inch corrugated metal pipe that had a failing invert, with 12 feet of fill over the pipe. The road which this particular culvert was over is the main road leading to an area high school and was heavily-traveled. Closing this road would have led to major traffic disruptions and inconveniences, and be very costly for Tippecanoe County. It would have cost $102,900 for total pipe replacement.

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