Kentwood, LA — Quick-time Roadway Culvert Rehab Prevents Washout

Snap-Tite Pipe Relines Damaged Culvert Under Louisiana Highway, Installation Takes Place in Only Three Hours

The Problem
Worst case scenario — a culvert under a roadway fails, causing extensive damage and lengthy traffic delays. This can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in repairs and is a real problem today. Many culverts that were installed 40 to 50 years ago are now past their design life. Some have failed, while many are in bad need of repair or replacement. Rehabilitating a damaged culvert before it fails saves states, cities, counties and transportation authorities both time and money. In Kentwood, Louisiana, on Highway LA-1053 west of Interstate-55, a corrugated metal culvert pipe (CMP) with a 48-inch diameter had rusted and worn down to approximately 44 inches. In addition, the majority of the bottom of the 40-foot run was completely missing. The Louisiana Department of Transportation & Development (LADOTD) needed the culvert repaired with minimal disruption to the road and to prevent it from washing out.