Kennebunk, ME — School Entrance Drain Relined with Snap-Tite

Storm Drain Relined with Snap-Tite® to Protect Road Entrance to Maine School

The Problem
A 250-foot, 30-inch diameter storm drain culvert located underneath a roadway entrance to a school in Kennebunk, Maine started to fail. Sink holes developed along side the road slope adjacent to the school entrance. Visual and video inspection of the storm drain confirmed that the culvert had severely deteriorated and there was evidence of joint failure. The Kennebunk School Department needed an unobtrusive, safe and cost-effective method to fix the culvert without shutting down the road. Digging and replacing the damaged corrugated metal pipe (CMP) was not an option.
The Solution
Snap-Tite representative Brian Zagrodny and Bill Varney of E.J. Prescott, a Snap-Tite distributor, worked on a solution with the school’s contractor Ted Berry Company, Inc. of Livermore, Maine. It was determined that lining the failing culvert was the best method of repair, as opposed to a traditional dig and replace method. Given the site conditions and scope of work, the Snap-Tite culvert lining system was the preferred solution for relining the culvert.

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