Gulfport, MS — Snap-Tite Keeps Airport Up and Running

Mississippi Airport Keeps Runways and Taxiways Open While Repairing Old Culverts Located Underneath

The Problem
The Gulfport-Biloxi International Airport in Gulfport, Mississippi was undertaking an airport improvement project that included repairing, repaving and adding new runways and taxiways. As part of this improvement project, the airport discovered several aging and deteriorating drainage culverts under the existing runways/taxiways. The old reinforced concrete pipe (RCP) culverts were starting to separate so the airport decided this was the best time to repair them since the improvement project was already ongoing. Initially, the airport decided to fix two RCP culverts. One culvert was 950 feet long and had a 54-inch diameter and the other measured 550 feet long with a 48-inch diameter.
The Solution
The airport decided to reline the 54-inch and 48-inch RCP culverts instead of replacing them. The engineering company on the project, Neel-Schaffer, Inc., gave the main contractor, Hosea O’Weaver & Sons, an option to use either the Snap-Tite® culvert lining system or “cured-in-place” pipe for the pipe repair. Snap-Tite pipe was more cost-effective and safe and easy to install.

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