Grants Pass, OR — Rehabilitation of Failed Corrugated Metal Pipe Spillways

Our purpose is to help customers choose solutions which will insure that the process fits the application, and do this reliably and cost effectively. All information in this Field Report will assist the engineer to reduce cost and minimize future maintenance costs.
In Grants Pass, OR, the drainage department considered replacing existing corrugated metal pipe used for under-the-road storm drainage. Many of these structures have reached the end of their useful life because of deterioration of the corrugated metal pipes by corrosion. This Field Report presents an existing application where deteriorated pipes were rehabilitated using polyethylene pipe for sliplining existing corrugated metal pipe.

Under Highway 99, on Birdseye Creek, in Grants Pass, OR, a storm drainage spillway was constructed using a corrugated metal pipe (CMP). This CMP spillway was deteriorating and presented a costly dilemma. Conventional removal of the old conduit, using excavation and replacement with a new pipe is expensive and time consuming. Also, this road is in an environmentally sensitive area and called for an alternative repair method.

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