Garner, AR — Town saves money with Snap-Tite oval pipe reline

Oval Pipe Reline Cuts Down on Costs for Small Arkansas Town

The Problem
A large sink hole formed down the side of a main road in the small town of Garner, Arkansas. The four oval-shaped 30-year-old culverts serving as drainage pipes were completely rotted out, causing the sink hole. The road could have collapsed at any time. The town needed a quick cost-effective solution as it did not have the budget for an expensive dig and replace option. Plus, doing a complete replacement would mean closing down the road – something that the town wanted to avoid. There are about three school buses that travel that road each day. Closing down the road would mean rerouting them 10 to 12 miles out of the way.
The Solution
Snap-Tite representative Brad Elisar worked with the town of Garner to provide the best solution. Snap-Tite offered a turnkey oval pipe installation. Snap-Tite pipe is made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe. The company has the capability to oval the HDPE pipe using a machine at its manufacturing facilities, providing a custom solution for this type of project. Snap-Tite used the machine to oval 36-inch pipe for this project. A total of 30 linear feet was supplied.

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