Blanding, UT— UDOT saves time and money with Snap-Tite install

UDOT Saves $140,000 and Four Weeks Using Snap-Tite®

A 60-inch corrugated metal pipe (CMP) in Blanding, Utah exhibiting corrosion, and with significant annular erosion a concern, was past its design life. The Utah Department of Transportation was looking for the best repair option for the job – a way to keep costs down, avoid disrupting traffic and keep drivers from accruing delay costs. In deep fill, removing and replacing the CMP was a very expensive option. UDOT also considered a shot-crete lining technique, but the engineer was concerned that method would not provide the structural strength required as the culvert continued to deteriorate in the hot soils of the CMP’s location on State Route 276. Snap-Tite offered the solution.

WHY Snap-Tite®?
The UDOT crew was very familiar with Snap-Tite, having worked with it four times previously, and it offered “cost savings, little to no traffic disruption, and no user delay costs,” said Patrick McGann, UDOT Region 4 Area Supervisor. “UDOT saved approximately $100,000 – $140,000 and a three- to four-week project time.”
Snap-Tite regional representative Rob Walton and local Utah Snap-Tite representative Ray Christensen worked with the crew to get 168 feet of 54-inch Snap-Tite installed at the culvert site. In half a day – as opposed to nearly a month to excavate and replace the CMP – the crew completed the installation.
Snap-Tite pipe is made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe. A unique feature of Snap-Tite is that it does not require fusion to join the HDPE pipe together. The ends of the Snap-Tite pipe are machined on each end. The machined male and female ends are then “snapped” together, piece-bypiece, on site using come-a-longs and chains. Once the pipe is joined, it is slipped inside the old culvert. Any annular space and voids between the old culvert and new liner are then filled in with grout.

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