Bedford, Blair Cos., PA — PennDOT Saves Big on 1-99 Culvert Rehabilitation


Snap-Tite strives to help engineers, contractors and other customers choose the best solutions to insure that the process fits the application. They do this with the highest attention to environmental sustainability, reliability and cost-efficiency. All information in this field report is made available to assist the customer in reducing cost and minimizing future maintenance costs.
In addition, this field report will help in communicating that these are environmentally sound solutions in use today with a proven track record of installation and performance.

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) ensures the quality and integrity of transportation construction projects for the entire state. The organization identifies projects on the Statewide Transportation Improvement Plan, along with supporting projects that enhance regional economic development and the safe passage of goods and people in the region. The state planed to rehabilitate a section of Interstate 99 which included the replacement of almost 25,000 feet of deteriorated metal pipes. This led PennDOT to consider the use of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe with the Snap-Tite joining system.

When engineers from PennDOT District 9-0 traveled to the project location of Bedford and Blair counties to field view the project; they soon discovered they had a complex situation that would require a unique solution. Most of the corrugated metal pipes had deteriorated and were in need of replacement. Pipe conditions ranged from heavy rust to inverts of pipes completely missing. Some of the pipes were almost 60 feet beneath the roadway surface of Interstate 99. Traditional open cut replacement and pipe jacking were investigated and found to be to cost prohibitive. PennDOT looked into a slip line system by Snap-Tite and the discovery of almost $9 million in savings blew them away.
Snap-Tite officials were required by PennDOT’s Bureau of Design to submit engineering computations that demonstrated that the polyethylene pipe would withstand soil pressure from the deepest depths (60 feet) as a stand-alone pipe. The pipe passed with flying colors demonstrating it would withstand the earth pressures exceeding the 60-foot fill depth. Snap-Tite also demonstrated to the Department the additional environmental benefits, such as not requiring additional unneeded road work, stream diversions, and earth disturbances. This would eliminate queuing of traffic and its release of harmful emissions since the traffic would be maintained using the existing roadway. No special traffic control, such as crossovers or single lanes, would be required in order to install the slip-line. Polyethylene is also fully recyclable and has a virtually unlimited life expectancy.

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