Bay County, MI— Concrete Pipe Replacement

Bay County, Michigan cmp replacement with weholite®

After resurfacing a major road leading to an upscale subdivision and golf course, Bay County, Michigan officials discovered a failing 74-inch concrete water drainage pipe under the road.

Faced with re-routing traffic in and out of the subdivision by shutting down the road and digging up and replacing the pipe, officials there began to consider more economical, less disruptive options. They contacted St. Regis Culvert, the Snap-Tite Culvert Liner Representative in Michigan.

Needing pipe larger than Snap- Tite’s maximum diameter of 63-inch, St. Regis contacted Redgie Huftel, Snap-Tite’s regional sales manager for his input into the problem. Redgie suggested the use of Weholite® – a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) profile pipe that ranges from 60- to 120 inch inside diameter. It’s commonly used for culvert lining, outfalls, intakes, and irrigation systems as a cost-competitive replacement for large diameter concrete pipe.
After considering the installation ease and comparatively lower cost, county engineers approved Weholite for the project.
In this application, a 50-foot section of 72-inch Weholite was pushed inside the existing 74-inch concrete pipe. The open space between both pipes was then annularly grouted for a good seal.

Installation was completed in less than a day, totall avoidance of traffic disruption – while saving Bay County thousands of dollars and dozens of man-hours. And, saving local residents a lot of headaches. Call your Snap-Tite representative about Weholite, Snap-Tite and other innovative, cost-effective sliplining solutions.

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