Bartow, WV — Rehabilitation of Failed Corrugated Metal Pipe

West Virginia DOT considered replacing deteriorated corrugated metal culverts. Many of these structures have reached the end of their useful life. This Field Report presents an existing application where a deteriorated metal pipe was rehabilitated using Snap-Tite pipe for slip lining.

Bartow, WV had a corrugated metal pipe culvert that was deteriorating and presented a costly dilemma. Conventional methods were expensive and time consuming. There was a need to evaluate a less costly alternative repair method.

The Problem
The rusted corrugated metal culvert ran 116 feet, was a 30-inch ID culvert under 38 feet of fill and newly resurfaced road. The existing culvert had collapsed at one point and the flow line had rusted. This would present a major cost involving digging, removing and replacing the old pipe; as well as major traffic tie-ups.

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