The Thread-Liner pipe lining system is unmatched in ease of installation. Since it typically weighs as little as 10% of concrete, ductile iron and clay pipes, it is much easier to handle. Maintenance departments can use their own crews – no special training or specialized equipment necessary.


Thread-Liner Applications

Thread-Liner is a new, leak-free, independent system that features cost-effective installation, improved flow, and a dramatically longer life. High-density polyethylene has outstanding chemical and corrosion resistance. It also has high strength and flexibility. Compared to pipe replacement, one can save up to 50% with the following benefits:

  • No interruption of services
  • Little or no surface damage
  • Maintain traffic flow
  • Faster project completion
  • Improved hydraulic capacity
  • The sealed system prevents entry of groundwater, roots, and debris
  • A long service life
  • Reduced extraneous water allows treatment plants to operate efficiently and owners benefit from lowered volumes for waste treatment. Typical applications for Thread-Liner are sanitary sewer relining, industrial sewer relining, culvert relining, and dam rehabilitation.

Benefits of Using the Thread-Liner Pipe Rehabilitation System

Special threaded sections of polyethylene pipe are inserted into the old sewer, forming one continuous, leak-free liner. Once anchored and sealed by grouting, the new system is virtually maintenance-free. There is no excavation or costly restoration, no traffic diversions, no interruption to service, better flow and chemical resistance and elimination of infiltration and exfiltration problems.

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