Levees and Floodwalls

levees1Infrastructure integrity is critical in discussions about levees and floodwalls, and when culvert repair, rehab or replacement is required, more and more Corps of Engineers and levee sponsors are turning to the economical, efficient no-dig solution — the Snap-Tite® HDPE Lining System.

Although the concept of culvert relining is not new, there has never been a system engineered to be this effective and easy to install, especially for levee and floodwall applications. The ability to rehab the existing culvert with minimum disturbance, while maintaining the integrity of the levee or floodwall, is making Snap-Tite® the first choice for many reasons:

  • Utilizes durable, flexible high-density polyethylene pipe (HDPE) with male/female machining, allowing it to be ‘snapped’ together for a secure and water tight joint, meeting ASTM D3212 requirements, as well as AASHTO Standard M326.
  • Available in lengths from 2 feet to 50 feet long; available for existing culverts with diameters from 8 inches to 84 inches, including oval culvert applications.
  • Installation is easier, done with light duty equipment — there is no digging. Most contractors can use their own crews without the need for special training or specialized equipment.
  • In most cases, the rehabilitated culvert will have the same — or greater flow — than the old culvert.
  • HDPE material can be easily cut and worked, and is ideal for gate installations.
  • Snap-Tite® culvert lining experts are available for consultation and training on the latest grouting materials and installation techniques.
  • Dollar for dollar, Snap-Tite® is more economical and provides longer life than other outdated culvert rehabilitation options.

FEMA / Hazard Mitigation Grant Program
Click here for information about State and local government grants to implement long- term hazard mitigation measures after a major disaster declaration.

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